moments that truly matter

i celebrate your

You're looking for a photographer who shares your excitement for capturing love –

 not in an odd way, but with a heartfelt "let's capture every single moment" attitude. You're wildly in love and eager to share that emotion with the world (or at least let it shine on your living room walls). You don't want to settle for staged poses that don't resonate with your relationship. You won’t settle for just another photography. What you truly desire is a photographer who understands and connects with you on a deeper level.

You're blissfully in love, and Eliana Grace Photography is here to embrace and capture every bit of it.

a few of my favorite things:

Happy hour in downtown MKE! Preferably somewhere with a rooftop or outdoor patio where you can watch the sunset!

I'm comically bad at relaxing unfortunately. But when I do slow down it is probably to soak up moments with my people. My family means absolutely everything to me!

I was born with the understanding that every event, dinner, and insignificant moment should be celebrated with a sweet treat. Honestly not mad about it- there is always an excuse to get icecream in my book!

If it isn't cold brew it is a latte. And no matter what I'm sipping on it will always be half sweet & with extra ice!

With Eliana, you're not just getting a talented photographer; you're gaining a friend and partner who supports and guides you every step of the way.

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Choosing Eliana Grace Photography means teaming up with someone who values trust, creativity, and the pursuit of creating something genuinely special.